The Kingcombe Centre

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Where We Are

Lady's Mead

Set amongst the ancient landscape of Kingcombe Meadows nature reserve, a visit to the Kingcombe Centre is like stepping back in time.

The hedgerows, fields and hay meadows that surround us remain pretty much as they were when Queen Victoria came to the throne and are almost untouched by artificial fertilisers and pesticides. As a result they are home to a huge array of wildlife, some common and easy to see, others rare elsewhere in the UK.

Our wildflower meadows are a reminder of how the countryside used to look, and rich with the heady scent of a multi-hued carpet of flowers. Above this be-petaled tapestry, the air is buzzing with bees, butterflies and other insects, whilst the hedgerows, resplendent with flowers and leaves of all shades and shapes, are full of birdsong.

Whether you are a writer, a poet or simply someone who enjoys being outside, admist all this beauty, the tranquillity and peace that surrounds you reaches deep inside to awaken something within us all; a real feeling of harmony and belonging, ‘a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused’ according to Wordsworth ­ the magic of Kingcombe!