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Grasses and Sedges                                                                                                                natural

Learning the basics of Grasses & Ferns

Learn the skills for identifying grasses and sedges together with making your own herbarium.

Taught by Dominic Price

Mon 1 - Wed 3 Jun 2015

Virtually every species of plant has at least one give away feature that can easily be learnt and spotted.  This course will focus on learning these and getting participants confident in identifying a host of grasses, sedges, rushes and ferns, through both flowering and non-flowering characteristics. Specimens will be collected and pressed, to later be mounted as herbaria specimens for revision and reference.  By the end of the course you should be confident with a number of plants to species level, and have a grasp of most species groups to allow them to be checked in books without resorting to keys.

We aim to become familiar with approximately 50 species across the groups, from a variety of habitats where they occur ­ meadow, pasture, heathland, and bog. Kingcombe is uniquely situated to enjoy easy walking access to all of these habitats, meaning we can carry out several short excursions, tackling identification in small doses and pop back for regular tea and cake sessions. We will largely stick to common species, re-visiting them frequently during the weekend, so that everyone starts to learn the key diagnostics. The sessions will gradually take on more of a ‘test’ format as they develop!  By the end of the course everyone should be overwhelmingly familiar with all the common species, and in a position to move on to more challenging ones.

Note: there will be a fair amount of walking over rough terrain most days. Please be prepared for this and for some standing as you listen to discussion points.

Dominic Price has had a lifelong love of nature and the environment, from a young boy growing up in the leafy suburbs of London and then moving down to Dorset with his parents. After his postgraduate degree in Environmental Biology, he volunteered at Dorset Wildlife Trust, before working in a variety of jobs ­ teaching field studies, leading botanical expeditions in East Africa, and working as a consultant ecologist. He is now director of The Species Recovery Trust, a charity he co-founded in response to the rising extinction levels in this country. He is one of the country’s experts on species conservation and makes regular appearances on radio and television.

£280 pp    includes 2 nights sole occupancy accommodation, full board including a home cooked breakfast, tea/cake, lunch and 3 course dinner, all tuition / activities.
Non- Residential: 
£199 pp   includes all of the above except accommodation and breakfast.
The course will start at 1pm on Monday with lunch, followed by the first afternoon session.
The course will finish at approximately 4pm on Wednesday with afternoon tea.

    Download the Information Sheet - oinfo2r if you require further information please call our Booking Office 01300 320684.

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