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Deer at Dawn

Sunday 21 October 2018 07:00 - 10:00



Deer have a reputation for being shy and retiring, yet there is one time of the year when this all changes - during the annual autumn rutting season.

Bucks spar with each other to establish dominance over the female does through posturing, loud bellowing and often long elaborate clashes. One of the best times to see this is at dawn and it’s a great time to view not only the bucks, but often the females watching from the side-lines.

Powerstock is home to a large number of deer species, particularly fallow and is a great place to head out in the early morning to find them. You might even manage to glimpse one of the famous white fallow deer that call this place home, as well as listening for and spotting other wildlife.

The timing of the rut is influenced by environmental conditions, often triggered by a cold snap, as well as the animal’s specific body weight and condition. So as with most wildlife, we will do everything we can do allow you to witness this, but we cannot make guarantees.


£18 pp includes guided activities and breakfast.


Meet at Powerstock Common Reserve carpark at 7.15am, finishing approx. 10am.

What to bring: 

As you will be outside please bring suitable clothing, wet weather jackets and good walking shoes.

Note: it will be dark when we meet so it may be useful to bring a head torch. No dogs are allowed on this event due to the nature of wildlife watching.

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