Art at Kingcombe

Art at Kingcombe

The Dorset countryside has long been an inspiration for artists and we are proud to showcase a wide range of works here at the Centre. 

Throughout the year we host our Art in the Barn exhibitions – regular month-long exhibitions with works for sale and free entry.

We are a venue for the popular work of sculptor David Metcalff, which you can view and purchase at the Centre year-round. We’re also the venue for some special exhibitions and projects throughout the year, and work with a range of organisations and individuals in the arts including outdoor performance and workshops.

Art in the Barn 2020

We are delighted to be hosting artists throughout the year at the Kingcombe Barn and each month we will feature a new artist. 

April 2020 - Trisha Hayman CANCELLED. To be rescheduled for next year

Skull and leaf Copyright Trisha Hayman

An exhibition of works by west Dorset artist, Trisha Hayman.

July 2020 - Liz Shewan

Hare and Bumblebee Copyright Liz Shewan

An exhibition of works by Dorset artist, Liz Shewan.

August 2020 - Jane Coxhil Cancelled

Painting Copyright Jane Coxhill

An exhibition of works by Dorset artist, Jane Coxhill, inspired by the river Hooke in the Kingcombe valley.

September 2020 - Sam Goodwin

Holloway Copyright Sam Goodwin

An exhibition of works by Dorset artist and photographer, Sam Goodwin.

November 2020 - Penny Brown

Summer Lavenders copyright: Penny Brown

An exhibition of botanical works by Dorset artist, Penny Brown.