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Lino Printmaking Workshop

Sat 12 Nov 2016

Lino Printing Sarah Morrish

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Create your own exciting lino prints whilst learning simple techniques using the natural world as inspiration.

Inspiration will come from the beautiful setting of Kingcombe in spring or you can choose from the variety of natural objects that the tutor will bring with her, or you may already have a design in mind.

Along the way you will have the chance to learn about a variety of techniques and methods: transfer of your design onto the lino; safe carving techniques; types of tools to use; the variety of papers available and registration and printing methods, and the chance to use a hand printing press.

Creating linocuts and prints need not be an expensive pastime with lots of kit required, so Sarah will show you the best options for becoming a home-based printmaker.

Lino/cutting medium, use of tools and ink is included within the price of the workshop.  A variety of card blanks and envelopes, as well as specialised papers will be provided at an additional cost.

About the Leader:

Sarah Morrish's fascination and passion for illustrating the natural world stems from childhood, and combined with her previous work in the field of conservation, her artwork depicts natural forms in a variety of media.  Watercolour is the predominant medium she uses, but her detailed work is also portrayed using other media, such as acrylics, graphite pencil and linocuts.  She holds the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Certificate in Botanical Illustration and has been a full exhibiting member of the Society of Floral Painters since 2000.


£80 pp    includes all tuition, materials, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Arrive from 9.45am for morning tea. 

The course will start at 10am and finish at 4.00pm..

What to bring: 

Apron, any paper you wish to use for printing, any items or designs you have for inspiration.

We will provide group materials, but you can bring the following optional materials if you have them: lino and lino tools plus toothbrush (not too firm bristles), cartridge paper, tracing paper or white tracedown paper.  Graphite pencils B and/or HB, Stanley knife, fine grade sandpaper, wooden spoon (needs to be grease-free, with a flat surface to the back).

If you have any further questions regarding materials:

Why not immerse yourself in a longer break by booking this course together with Sarah’s Lino Christmas Cards Workshop (Sun 13 Nov) and adding a B&B package?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sarah Morrish will be unable to teach the Lino Print Workshop (Saturday 12 November 2016) or the Lino Print Christmas Cards Workshop (Sunday 13 November 2016).

However, we are delighted to let you know that Hugh Dunford Wood will now be teaching these workshops instead.  Hugh is a fantastic printmaker, artist and tutor and recently taught our Wallpaper Weekend Workshop earlier this year. Please see more information on Hugh below.

Hugh Dunford Wood is a painter/designer who uses lino for collaged art prints, handmade wallpaper and textiles, together with a variety of other creative uses.  He studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art at Oxford.  He has painted and exhibited worldwide, and was Artist in Residence at The Royal Shakespeare Company, and at the Globe Theatre when it first opened in 2000, and in 2009 with the Museum of Bermuda Art.  In the 1970s he was apprenticed to designer Peggy Angus, before setting up a textile design business for 20 years.  Moving to Dorset 10 years ago, Hugh began printing on paper as a small run business, the results of which you can see on

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Comments from previous events:
The course on Lino cut Christmas cards was absolutely superb and far out shone my expectations. I was so delighted to have created a card design I can actually use, under the expert and friendly guidance by Sarah. - Rosalyn

Was so looking forward to the workshop and it exceeded all expectations.  Excellent teacher and resources.  Great lunch. - Pauline

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Sarah Morrish

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