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Illustrated Traveller's Sketchbook Weekend Workshop

Fri 16 – Sun 18 Jun 2017

Sketching 4 c Hugh Dunford Wood

Image: Hugh Dunford Wood

Learn how to master the art of keeping a sketchbook when you are out and about or away from home, finding inspiration in the stunning summer landscape of Kingcombe.

It is a common sight to see people taking photographs in beautiful places.  They are usually taken quickly and without much thought – seizing the moment.  This workshop is the antithesis of that attitude.  Nothing is taken, but a drawing or a sketch is made.  The time taken to make the drawing develops an intimate familiarity with the subject, whether it is a grand landscape or the detail of a hedgerow.  In this workshop we will explore some of the rich landscape that surrounds the Kingcombe Centre, both looking at the wider context and also the detail of a branch, or a stream or a gate.  This is not botanical illustration, but sketching your surroundings.  And if rain prevents us being outside, we have views through windows, or other people to draw drawing out of a window.

Drawing encourages you to slow down and to live in the moment.  Drawing is a form of storytelling.  Your sketchbook tells your own story.  Your images will make your own memories and you will recall intrinsic details, sounds and smells maybe, or even stray thoughts that come to you while drawing.  You will soon have a richer collection than any photo album and this will help you quickly relive past experiences.  A sketchbook transforms you from a holidaymaker into a traveller.  Even if we visit the same place on the map, each of us will discover different places. 

And when you return home you will see your surroundings with different eyes.  You may see the trappings of your daily life as if for the first time and realize the drawing opportunities there.  You will find yourself stopping to notice what your life is made up of and the riches you have that bring meaning to your life.  Draw them.

About the Leader:

Hugh Dunford Wood studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art at Oxford.  He has painted and exhibited worldwide, was Artist in Residence at The Royal Shakespeare Company and several years later at the Globe Theatre when it first opened in 2000.  After a time being mentored by Peggy Angus in applied design,  Hugh had a textile design business for 20 years before moving a couple of years ago to printing on paper as a small run business, the results of which you can see on  Hugh has been teaching his unique wallpaper making and design course for many years. 


£299 pp Residential  -  includes 2 nights sole occupancy accommodation, full board including a home cooked breakfast, tea/cake, lunch and 3 course dinner, all tuition/activities.

£219 pp Non-Residential  -  includes all of the above except accommodation and breakfast.


The course will start at 6pm on Friday with dinner and an introductory session.  Residents are welcome to arrive from 3pm.

The course will finish at approximately 4pm on Sunday with afternoon tea.

What to bring: 

Drawing and painting items, pencils, rubbers and sketchbooks.

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This is a new event for 2017.

Hugh Dunford Wood Profile Pic

Hugh Dunford Wood

Sketching 1 c Hugh Dunford Wood

Autumn Painting 2014 (25)