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An Evening of "Seeing" Butterflies

Sun 10 Jul 2016

Peacock butterfly Ken Dolbear MBE

Image:Ken Dolbear MBE

Bird, snake, spider or fungus?  Join Philip Howse as he unravels the weird disguises of butterflies and moths during this dinner talk.

Insect predators such as birds, see a greater range of colours than we do and focus on details rather than whole objects.  Engraved on the wings of many butterflies and moths, among the rainbow colours, are images that closely resemble millipedes, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, or even fungus.

During this illustrated talk, Philip will explain how these colours and designs have evolved and how the insects are protected by camouflage, mimicry and deception.  The talk will be followed by a delicious 3 course dinner allowing opportunities for further discussion and conversation.

About the Leader:

Prof Philip Howse is an entomologist focused on insect behaviour and ecology, and was based at Southampton University before retiring.  He has written a range of books including ‘Butterflies – Messages from Psyche’, ‘Giant Silkmoths – Colour, Mimicry & Camouflage’ and most recently ‘Seeing Butterflies – new perspective on colour, pattern and mimicry’.


£30 pp  -  includes three course dinner and talk.


Arrive from 6.30pm for drinks followed by illustrated talk before dinner.

What to bring: 

Just yourselves, and suitable clothing and footwear for the evening.

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